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Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

Looking for a great way to write your name or logo on some new or old paper products? inkscape has the perfect solution with our vinyl sticker paper decal. This decal is made with a waterproof coating and is also a glossy adhesive that makes it easy to adhere and stick. Plus, our option has a inkjet treatment that makes it easy to write with a cat or whale.

Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper Ebay

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Best Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

This is a koala holographic sticker paper for the inkjet vinyl print. It is perfect for the test of a new print out or for adding a new design to an old cricut machine print. You can also use it as a place to start your own design collection. These 20 koala vinyl sticker paper waterproof matt white inkjet laser cricut sticker paper are perfect for advertising your company or event! You can create any kind of chartreuse design you like, and the inkjet vinyl sticker paper is water resistant for even more protection! This is a high quality inkjet vinyl sticker paper that can be used to create water slides and other graphics. It is 8. 5x11paper so it is perfect for large projects. Thekoala is the perfect symbol of fresh neweland and the water slide is the perfect accessory to hersk territory. This is a great piece of paper art to use as a water slide! Theks koala inkjet vinyl sticker paper. This beautiful paper is perfect for transferring your water slide information to a new piece of artwork. Theks koala inkjet vinyl sticker paper is perfect for any artwork, whether it be a water slide, flooring, house, or just a personal note!