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Supreme Box Logo Sticker Size

This is a great sticker for any tee-up that loves a good box! The box logo sticker shows off your supreme tee's addy-man quality, and is perfect for making your shirt stand out in a crowd. It's also a great way to show your educate and knowledgable style on the outside and a little bit of fun on the inside.

Supreme Box Logo Sticker Dimensions

The dimensions of this sticker are l x w x h. The sticker is made of self-adhesive sticker paper and is 1. 5" wide. The sticker has a supreme box logo sticker dimensions. It is made of durable paper and has a perfect fit for the box.

Top 10 Supreme Box Logo Sticker Size

This is a supreme box logo hoodie in ash grey gogo size stickers. It is hand-made and will have a small stickeria in the gat, along with the supreme box logo. It is a great buy on amazon at a discount. These are size small. this supreme box logo sticker is a perfect way to show your team spirit! The sticker is made out of high quality stickers and is perfect for any major league baseball game! this supreme box logo sticker is the perfect size to stick on your shirt or jacket. It is made from high-quality, durable materials and will looking great every time you wear it. the supreme box logo sticker size is perfect for your next t-shirt purchase! M is within a 4-stripe design around the edge of the box, while the white and red are both digital grays. The bag is a digital blue. The supreme box logo stickers are easily 4-sealed, and come with a 4-pack for easy storage.